Posted 3 months ago
Taking a moment to thank all of the amazing women who make Sociable, Sociable. Meet a few of them! Katie, Guest Services Manager and Tina, General Manager @ Sociable Kitchen + Tavern. Katie keeps the spirit of Sociable alive and Tina is our fearless and incredible leader. #internationalwomensday #restaurantindustry #cgcareers —— Tina: "Tons of interaction with guests and team members at different stages of their lives, keeps me young 😉 My favourite thing is bringing in a TM and watching them develop through the ranks, and progress into a hospitality professional. I absolutely love live shows - in 1 year, I went 27 concerts including travelling to LA to see Alt-J! I love IPA's and sour beers. Biggest secret of all...I'm completely obsessed with watching any Real Housewives reality shows!" —— Katie: "I enjoy the challenge that each day brings, as the days never repeat. It's great when I can see friends, and develop friendships with guests over time. I have 2 boys, 2 dogs, my first job was at Moose Winooskis Brantford. No outfit is ever complete without a plaid shirt (I wear one everyday), I train in Muay Thai 3 days a week, I'm always down for a good beer, & love to spend time at the cottage in the summer." #mooresaregoofs
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